Micro Pressure Controls

Micro’s Products offer our customers Quality, Reliability, Accuracy & Durability. In addition to making and selling quality precision instruments. Also provide technical solutions & products of flow, level, pressure, temperature, humidity, velocity to increase the strength of product range and market segment.

Micro Pressure Guage

"Micro Process Controls an ISO9001:2000 company established as an independent 100% own manufacturing company for Pressure & Temperature."

Micro Pressure Guage Products Micro Pressure Guage

Micro Pressure Controls Products

Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauges

Micro Glycerin filled pressure gauges are ideal for dampening the effect of vibration & pulsation.

Weather Proof Pressure Gauges

Micro weather proof gauges suitable for corrosive envirnoment and gaseous that will not obstruct the pressure system.

Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Gauges

Micro diaphragm sealed pressure gauges are suitable for corrosive, contaminated, slurry ot hot pressure media.

Pressure Gauge Accessories

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