Power Transmission Accessories

Taper-Lock Dual Duty Pulleys Classical V / Wedge, Poly-V Timing and HTD drives

  • Dual Duty grooves to perfectly match Classical V and Spacesaver wedge belts.
  • Taper Lock Pulleys For Poly-V and Timing / HTD drives.
  • Caters to drives up to 200 kW with speed ratio up to 1:7.
  • Taper Lock :Shelf to Shaft.
  • Over 710 standard sizes.
  • Custom-build large pulleys for higher power Transmission.
Power Transmission Accessories

HRC Flexible Jaw Couplings

  • Higher power transmission and misalignment capacity
  • Withstands temperatures from -40°C to 100° C.
  • 8 sizes power rating from 0.33 kW to 33 kWat 100 rpm.
  • Standardized HRC plug-in Flywheel Couplings for Kirloskar, Cummins, Leyland, Ruston & Perkins engines.
Power Transmission Accessories

Fenaflex Tyre Couplings

  • Highly elastic, backlash free, absorb shocks and dampen vibrations.
  • Choice of Tyres-Standard, Neoprene or Fire Resistant Anti-static (FRAS).
  • 17 sizes-power rating 0.22 kW to 132 kW at l00 rpm.
Power Transmission Accessories

Resilient Couplings

  • Torsionally flexible providing protection against shock load, impact load and vibration.
  • Transmits full torque with dampened vibration and reduce peak loads.
  • Sizes: From 0.45 kW to 1307 kW per 100 rpm and bore up to 267 mm.
Power Transmission Accessories

Bush Type Flexible Couplings

  • Simple & compact in construction.
  • Transmits torque through high tensile steel bolts.
  • 26 sizes-power rating from 0.81 kW to 2069 kW at 100 rpm.

Power Transmission Accessories, Motors and Aerators

Power Transmission Accessories


  • Direct drive
  • Gear box designed with two spiral Bevel & Helical Gears.
  • Motor is designed with Spline Shaft
  • 4-Pole induction Motor of Fenner make
  • Motor power 1 HP for Balancing type & 2HP for Long arm Type
  • High efficiency of gear box. Compact design
  • Easy to assemble during installation. Covered with close guard
  • Power saving 25-30% on similar product
Power Transmission Accessories

Essex Couplings

  • Flexible inserts carter for incidental angular, parallel and axial misalignments.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Range of Standard, External Spider and Cushion Type with power rating from 0.21 kW to 22.40 kW at 100 rpm
Power Transmission Accessories

Gear Couplings

  • High mechanical flexibility - Curved tooth profile.
  • Carbon steel forged / cast hubs with hardened teeth. 19 sizes - power rating 11.5 kW to 12700 kW at 100 rpm.
  • Variants of Shear Pin, Spacer, Torsion Shaft types.
Power Transmission Accessories

Vibrator Motors

  • Rugged construction for touch environment. Totally dust proof air cooled design. Complies with IP55 specification.
  • F-Class winding: Impervious to dust moisture and vibrations. Motor winding is vacuum impregnated.
  • Terminal box connector sealed with layer of resin to prevent damage due to vibrations
  • Drive shaft made From alloy steel to withstand stress at high speed.
Power Transmission Accessories

V Cool Pulley

  • Material - High grade SG Iron.
  • Balanced Pulley.
  • Longer Belt and Bearing life.
  • Reduced energy consumption
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