Industrial Power Transmission Belts

Green Cover Belts

Extra Power
  • 40% MOVE power than normal transmission belts.
  • Improve drive effisixii.y up to 97%
Extra Life
  • Reduce friction and heat build up.
  • Have high resistance to shock loads
  • Maintenance free, optimum tension throughout Service life
  • Made with special superior quality chords.
  • Lateral rigidity
  • Operating temperature range 30° C to +85° C
Extra Savings
  • 18% - 20% savings in drive cost.
  • Reduce drive weight up to 25%.
  • Reduce drive width up to 30%.
Industrial Power Transmission Belts

Classical V Belts

  • Specially compounded stiff-yet-ilex crack resistant base.
  • High modulus low stretch polyester cords and 'HSS' process resulting in even tension and maximum life.
  • Precision built belts requiring no matching or coding
  • Available in sections FHP, A, B, C, D & E.
Industrial Power Transmission Belts

Space Saver Wedge Belts

  • Special Polyester cord cables provide strength, flexibility and higher load Carrying capacity.
  • Higher Power Rating up to 40% over V-Belts.
  • Highly resistant to heat, oil and abrasion.
  • Available in Sections SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V, 5V & 8V
Industrial Power Transmission Belts

Raw Edged cogged Belts

  • Very high flexibility due to moulded cogs.
  • Higher power rating up to 30% over wrapped V-Belts.
  • Energy loss reduced to absolute minimum.
  • Available in sections AX, BX, CX, SPZX, SPAR, SPBX, SPCX for industrial applications and sections 1 3A, 15A, 17A & 20A for HEMN1 Applications.
Industrial Power Transmission Belts

Poly V Belts

  • Highly flexible and compact drive using smaller pulleys.
  • 40% higher power rating / unit width compared to conventional V-belts..
  • Zero slippage due to maximum wedge contact.
  • Eliminates the necessity for multiple / matched set belts.
  • Available in section PH, PJ, PK, PL & PM.
Industrial Power Transmission Belts

Timing, HTD, FXT, & PU Timing Belts

  • Positive non-dip drive with positioning accuracy at constant driven speeds with efficiencies up to 99%.
  • No re-tensioning, no motor adjustments and reduced operating cost.
  • Wide range of applications from Fractional H.P to 500 kW speed up to 20,000 rpm, speed ratio up to 20:1.
  • vailable in sections XL, L, H, XH, 3M, 5M, 8M, 11M, T 2.5,1, T10, 120 & Double sided timing belts.
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