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ZOLOTO’s extensive voyage from a traditionally family-owned unit in 1966, to a contemporary solution provider for professionally manufacturing products to impede the leakage of virtually all service fluids & gases, has surely not gone unnoticed. Our innate forethought to study & identifies consumer needs by offering well-designed & engineered products, has made us one of the country’s leading manufacturers of Bronze, Brass, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Forged Steel & Stainless-Steel Valves.

Zoloto valves

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Zoloto valves Products Zoloto valves

Zoloto valves Products

Balancing valve

Bronze Gate Valve

Butterfly Valve Wafer Type

Cast Iron Globe Steam Stop Valve

Cast Iron sluice Valve Flanged End

Cast Steel Globe Steam Stop Valve

Compact Pressure Reducing Valve

Forged Brass Ball Valve Screwed

Forged Steel Gate Valve

Non-return Valve

SS 316-304 3Pc Ball Valve Flanged End

Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Union Bonnet Globe Valve

Y-Type Strainer